Great small business ideas for Memphis, Tennessee


Memphis is not only the largest City in the State of Tennessee but also the regional business hub, with a vast potential for investment opportunities. The city is strategically located on the Mississippi River and crisscrossed by two interstate highways and five railroads. Furthermore, the city is an affordable holiday destination with a rich history.

The city’s culture is deeply rooted in the rock music genre and boasts of being home to Rock ’n’ Roll and BBQ Pork. Memphis hosts festivals such as Beale Street Music Festival and The World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest among others that attract people from different parts of the country and beyond. Put differently it’s a great tourist attraction in its own league.

Well, with the numerous low-cost business opportunities in Memphis figuring out the best approach and business idea to invest is vital. As a budding entrepreneur, you need to research extensively before committing your hard earned money in any business idea in Memphis City. Here is a list of small business ideas that you should brainstorm and consider venturing in when investing in Memphis.

Household appliance store

Since only a few people can order for these items online or purchase from high-end stores, you should target customers who can’t afford to buy new kitchen appliances in Memphis. Hence, your store should also offer repair services and sell second-hand household appliances. Interestingly, when most people plan for a move, they tend to dispose of some of their bulky items that may be too expensive to pack and move with. You can leverage this opportunity and start buying these items and reselling them probably after modifying them a bit.

Baked goods store


Baked goods suppliers in Memphis are scarce. Therefore, if you have a unique baking skill and passion, here is an opportunity for you to do what you love doing and earn revenue in the process. Also, you may need an assistant, especially if you open a shop where you will be selling baked goods prepared in your kitchen. You can create your special products and even offer customized products in your line of products.

Landscaping services

Some residents of Memphis are either too busy with their lives to take off some time to concentrate on landscaping or don’t know how to do it professionally. If you have landscaping skills that go beyond ordinary gardening, you can monetize your expertise in Memphis by offering landscaping services. However, to secure contracts, you need to do some research about what people are really looking for and buy some vital tools for the job.

Fitness center

Take advantage of the fact that everybody wants to look fabulous and smart to start a small business. In fact, you can even start out small by running a fitness center with no machines by planning aerobic fitness exercises that don’t require sophisticated machines. Later on, you can scale up and introduce more machines and a nutritionist who can plan and recommend healthy diets for your clients.


Starting a gym and running it sustainably can be quite overwhelming because of the competition in the city. The idea is to come up with something unique that stands out from the competition. Again, that will require scouring the internet extensively, and evaluating your options thoroughly before you invest.

Barber Shop

No one is too busy to get a decent haircut! In fact, people on a tight budget will be your number one customers. Moreover, provided you have the skills, you don’t need a huge initial capital to set up your business. The quality of your services will determine how you scale up because such a business model relies a lot on referrals and brand loyalty.
These business ideas among other investment opportunities such as computer repair shop, travel agency, BBQ restaurant, drug store, meat shop or taxi/rideshare are all credible investment opportunities. Whatever, your choice will be, you need to do some research and connect with like-minded people to succeed.


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