Top 5 Reasons to Livein Memphis


Moving from one city to the other can prove to be the most stressful experience in your life. So, many factors need to be put into consideration to ensure there is a smooth transition, and you would want to have confidence that a place you are about to call your home is an excellent place for you and your family. If you are considering a move from your area of residence to another city, then you should have Memphis on your radar. You may be asking yourself, why you should live or move to the city? Here are five reasons why you should relocate to the city.

Low Cost of Living

One of the main reasons why you should live in this city is that its cost of living is low. Almost everything you need from food to utilities through recreation and education is considerably cheap in the town almost below the national average. The real whopper, however, is the city’s housing which is lower than the nation’s national average. In addition, the town does not have a state income tax. This means that when you move or live in this city, you will be able to get more of what you earn.

The Significant History of the City

The city has a rich cultural history making it a great place to live. The town has plenty of places to visit such as the museums and the Elvis Graceland. For those living in the town they already know its history that ranges from the cotton economy of the 19th century that resulted to a significant number of African slaves to the site of slave market for both domestic and international slave trade. In addition to the slave trade, there was the growth of music and arts as well as other cultural activities and events. All these happenings are documented and stored in the landmarks and museums that are available in the city.

Availability of Big Companies

While moving or making it your home, you should not have any fear since the city plays a significant role in the normal operations of the many huge companies and organizations. The city is also a home of the second largest cargo airport in the world behind Hong Kong. These two facilities provide employment opportunities to both locals and nonlocals. Due to the high employment, the city is considered to have a slightly lower rate of unemployment when compared to the national level.

The Famous Artists and Restaurants

When living in the city, it’s a must for you to visit the famous Beale Street at some point in your life. There are dozens of restaurants and pubs along the thoroughfare that showcases rock artists and top blues, many of which are following through the paths of the past Street performances like Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Al Green, Jerry Lewis and Aretha Franklin.

The Booming Business

Whether you are working daily for someone or you are self-employed, living in the city will significantly increase your satisfaction and your chance for business success If you are business-minded or an entrepreneur thinking about how to get into a business, then it is time to move or live in this great town since it has the ability to boost and provide pro-business regulations, low business expenses and attraction of strong talent pool that will lead to faster business growth.

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